Lockdown 2.0

Drop-in will be closed until December to honour the UK lockdown, and get a grip on this stoopid virus. Let’s do it properly and pave the way for a normal and peaceful Christmas!

The youth workers will be working at Close House, doing lots online and keeping things positive and creative. If you know young people who are starting to get bored or lonely during lockdown, get them to give us a follow on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Tik Tok… It’s all about keeping connected and being community.

We are still able to do one-to-one sessions and EPIC volunteering, all on a Covid-safe basis following the guidance from the National Youth Agency, so if you know a Young Person coming in to see us, you know it’s safe and all above board. The staff are spreading out in the office, so give us a call if you’re worried about someone. We can do music, art, food or chatting on a small scale for anyone who’s struggling or needs a break from pressures at home or school.

We won’t be accepting groups. Guidance says you can do socially distanced exercise outdoors with one other person, so if 3 people arrive at Close House together, they won’t be allowed in. Masks, sanitiser, distancing, 30 minute slots and lots of fresh air are the order of the day.

Please keep safe, be kind and reach out if you’re stuggling!

Author: Admin

Close House helps young people in Hereford, UK to become mature, be helpful and grow hungry for a full life. Home of The EPICs.

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