Years of creativity

Close House has been running since 2004.
Creativity has always been key to our work with young people.
Here is a selection of our favourite projects so far.


The 2020 Covid19 lockdown didn’t stop our creative juices flowing, so we bounced ideas across Social Media from all the places that we call home.

From Tik Tok to South Park, from the silliness to sentimental.


Taking control of the space around us is key to belonging and expression, and for over a decade, Lucy has been helping young people find their flair with all the cool points of Bob Ross.


Livewire is an inclusive music development programme for all young people in Herefordshire, running for many years in partnership with the Music Pool.

Before Close House took on Livewire, we did this…


Words are so important to express ourselves, and learn to understand and empathise with others. Toni has done some amazing work preparing our young people to produce and perform their stories in showcases, at festivals and on the silver screen.

Mary & Joe

Our modern take on the story of Mary and Joseph – a young couple coping with a life changing situation – based on poems written by and starring the young people at Close House. Directed & produced by Toni Cook and Rich Hankins.

Stand Up

Too many people suffer bullying and intimidation at school. Through Stand Up, Toni worked with students to challenge bullying and promote understanding and empathy through film. Directed & Produced by Toni Cook and Rich Hankins.

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