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So much more than epic, these EPIC volunteers are Close House young people at their most Energetic, Positive, Informed and Creative.  Hence EPIC! They can be found at community events across Hereford throughout the year, bringing valuable support to these local initiatives.

EPIC volunteers are recruited from the Close House drop-in sessions. Young People that may not have had the chance to shine in other areas of life are given the opportunity to contribute meaningfully towards local organisations in the most public way
possible, and to be congratulated publicly for their contribution

Week in, week out this hardy group of well meaning young people steward festivals, serve tea, create art displays, collect litter, redecorate rooms, put on presentations, pack bags, look after reindeer, the list is as long as it is varied.

   2016/17 – EPICs IN NUMBERS

46 Community Events Supported since April ‘16

70 RBL Collection Tins distributed around Hereford Shops

10,000 Origami Fish Created

7,418 Hot Drinks made for the public (roughly!)



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