The EPICs are a movement of young people who refuse to be idle or let their community label them as misfits or hoodies.  They set out to show that they are Energetic, Positive, Informed and Creative, and can be found at community events across Hereford throughout the year, bringing energy and fun wherever they go.

Many of The EPICs have come through Close House Drop-In or one of our other projects, and so have bought into a culture of trust and respect that is so important when volunteering in the community.  

The EPICs are supported by Close House youth workers, who look after all of the safeguarding and health & safety responsibilities, making sure that teenagers can engage with the community safely and meaningfully.  

Until recently, The EPICs were funded by the West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner.   Since this funding has dried up, many of our supporters and partners have chosen to SPONSOR AN EPIC, because the scheme is so important to the community.  Follow the donate link below to partner with us.

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