Securing WiFi for Close House Young People


Primark security guard Chris, generous man as he is, is running a marathon on October 15th and has chosen to raise money for Close House.

Chris wanted the money to be put to use on something our young people really wanted so the staff team consulted the Housemates (frequent visitors to drop-in sessions) and the EPICs (our team of community volunteers.) Lack of WiFi in Close House was a top concern for young people so Chris set himself the goal of raising enough money to supply WiFi to them for a year.

He is well on the way to this target, thanks in part to his willingness to run the marathon dressed as a pink fairy. Yes, i am dying to see the finished article and i’m sure lots of other people are too.

Chris will be running with a GPS tracker on the day so minute by minute tracking of his progress will be available. A link will be provided closer to the race.

However, if you would like a preview of this spectacle of endurance and style then Close House and Chris will have a spot at the Old Market on Saturday, September 23rd to publicise the event. Not wanting to miss out on his training, Chris will also have a treadmill on site to get the miles in.

We would love to see you on the day so come along and lend your support to this great guy in his final weeks before the marathon.

Author: Admin

Close House helps young people in Hereford, UK to become mature, be helpful and grow hungry for a full life. Home of The EPICs.

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