Last Choir Standing!

The CH Choir gave an epic performance at the Courtyard on Sunday, as part of the Last Choir Standing competition.  We’re pretty convinced we came 3rd, but we’re massively inspired to be part of something so exciting and fun, and performing to a full theatre!

Our mate Cllr Nick said “I want to say the crew were just fantastic and a real credit to CH. I want to congratulate them all for sharing their gifts with us and showing that Close House can be top dollar at just about anything it puts it’s hand to! Congratulations and I look forward to hearing them perform again very soon!

The evening was in aid of the Mayor’s charities Haven and Robocap:





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Close House helps young people in Hereford, UK to become mature, be helpful and grow hungry for a full life. Home of The EPICs.

One thought on “Last Choir Standing!”

  1. Saw your performance on Sunday and thought you were terrific.For your effort and the fact that this was your first ever show in front of an audience we believe you should have won.Please keep up the singing.

    From two pensioners.

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