Enthusiastic, Punctual, Independent and Constant (EPIC weekender!)

Anyone who saw these two EPICs at Hereford’s Indie Food Festival will understand why these are the only 2 photos that we have of them from the weekend. For everyone wondering who the sunburnt guy on the left is, BBC Comedy ‘Gavin and Stacy’ starred him, Matt Horne, in the title role as Essex boy Gavin. Matt was at the indie food fest on Saturday evening for his DJ set.

This set of photos is the only time that these 2 volunteers stopped all weekend, all 3 full days of their volunteering and they were absolute champions. Checking admissions, guiding members of the public, assisting parents with prams, changing bins, keeping fellow volunteers hydrated,clearing tables; they were a credit to themselves, Close House and all young people in Hereford.

And they weren’t the only EPICs grafting this weekend. In total, 12 volunteers came from Close House to assist with the Food Fest.

Being tireless, (and having tireless Coordinators to assist them) 4 EPICs also went up to Westfailing Street to help out with Sunday’s Summer Fun Day.


image1 (1).JPG

These volunteers sourced air for a quickly deflating bouncy castle,image2 (1).JPG

reset hundreds of skittles,


and i’ve been told they actually enjoyed it. Weird right?

I’ll blame it on the sun.

And them being EPIC.





3 Counties, 3 days, 30 degrees, 4 EPIC young people

Over 3 days at the end of June, Close House EPICs volunteered at Malvern’s Three Counties show. We had been invited to help with a very busy Church Tea tent to assist with both the Arts and crafts area and the Cafe. 3 days of blistering sun were endured under the canvas marque, but as these pictures go to show, all of the EPICs loved it!

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EPIC tea please!


EPIC’s help out at community lunch, 14 July 17

9 of our brilliant EPIC volunteers provided help to Friday’s Kindle Centre community summer lunch . 40-50 elderly residents of South Wye came along to enjoy lunch together, lunch provided at a reasonable price by the team at the Kindle Centre. The young volunteers were the waiters and waitresses of the day, serving food and drinks and even washing up after (because washing up can be fun with musical motivation!). Awesome job by all involved!

EPICS on fire sorting the ‘shire

EPIC’s spruce up city centre, 17th July 2017

Herefordbid asked us to join their community clean up. Our EPICs managed to clear up the private car park near Sainsbury’s. We picked 4 large black bags just from that area, with only three of us doing the job. I’d say we smashed it!IMG_0548

Mary and Joe at Ledbury, 12th July 2015

Our alternative nativity, the Story of Mary and Joe, is being shown at the Ledbury Poetry Festival on Sunday, 12th July at 3pm.  Pick up your FREE ticket here as soon as  you can as there is limited capacity: first come, first served!

Book tickets here:  https://poetry-festival.cloudvenue.co.uk/maryandjoe

Mary & Joe, Ledbury, 12th July
Mary & Joe, Ledbury, 12th July