Navy in the Fandango?!

The September sniffles have arrived, and with everyone feeling on edge that means we all take extra precautions and stay home to recover. Sadly, that means we’re too short-staffed to open a full drop in session, but we can still make the place pretty!

What do you think? The curtains will make the room acoustics better for making music, so it’s a double whammy!

EPIC-up your CV

CVs are really tricky when you’ve been through the same academic journey as all of your mates, who are all applying for the same job. There’s only so far that clever wording and a decent layout will take you.

Fortunately, Tammy was there last year. She took you out on volunteering events as a steward, a server, a glass collector and a poppy seller, so now you have real-world work experience in a range of disciplines, and your CV looks decent af.

Good luck with the interview!

Tam, you’re a leg’… fanks

River Carnival 2020

The last River Carnival in 2018 was one of The EPICs’ favourite ever shin-digs in the Shire, and they were made up to be involved in the filming of the Procession of Heads at the Castle Green this week for this year’s online festi. Learning about local legends like Ellie Goulding was icing on the cake after they paraded around like a 70s TV version of In The Night Garden for an afternoon.

Have a great festival from your armchairs, people. Make sure you support and we’ll catch you at the next one!

Suit up

When the going gets tough, the EPICs get going. Since we have to wear masks and hug the walls to maintain social distance, it’s the perfect time to spruce the place up a bit.

The last painting party saw the Red Room become the Fandango, which has been a contentious issue ever since. Who knows what colour the pool room will end up!

All Hands On Deck!

With the Close House Open day approaching it’s all hands on deck. We’ve been sending out invites, fixing that dodgy table that needed doing and making sure all are fed and happy helpers. We’ve had a good day playing Postman Pat, Bob the Builder and the Great British bake off.

for more information about the Close House Open Day please email

Filming fun

This week at Close House we have had fun filming our new and exciting video: ‘All about Close House’ (coming soon). We had Pizza, doughnuts and young people galore; as we tried to capture the true heart of the drop in, with the help of the staff and the young people. Some young people were camera shy at first but soon let their true Hollywood nature come out owning the camera, with flair and enthusiasm. Thank you to Toni and Rich who came to film and were completely awesome. also a huge thank you to all the young people who wanted to come and share, how amazing Close House is to them.

Heres a few fun snapshots from the day.

Three Counties, Three Days, Lots of Fun.




Summer is here and with that brings this years sunny festivals, and Close House with the EPICs were out sun lotion in hand to help support the Three Counties Show in Malvern.

Based in the Church tent helping with the arts and crafts table discussing the impact of plastic and the importance of recycling. The lovely people running the Worcestershire Diocese cafe tent,

looked after us for three days with Cake, Tea and laughs, which the young people appreciated (and so did the leaders).

The young people loved the festival as a whole and enjoyed seeing John Challis (Boyce from ‘Only Fools and Horses’) as a famous face, to top off the weekend.

Turkey, Tinsel & Teenagers


Close House EPICs donned their Christmas outfits to help out at Kindle Centre’s Christmas meal!

Guests may have been surprised when Santa’s Elves, a snow woman and many other festive young people were the team of waiters and servers who were out at the Kindle event.

One things for sure we aren’t surprised by the care and support our young people gave during the event.